Coast RTA is the public transportation provider for the Myrtle Beach area to get around in the Grand Strand area.

  • Bus Fares: Student fares are $1.25 (US) each way and $0.25 to transfer routes on the same trip.The City of Myrtle Beach sells select Coast RTA fare passes ($3 value or $10 value) through its City Services location, 921 Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, to J-1 students wishing to ride the bus. The City office is open 8 AM – 5 PM Monday-Friday. Fare passes may be purchased with cash, credit or debit cards through the cashier.
  • For more information on Coast RTA passes, routes, and schedules call Coast RTA Customer Service at 843.488.0865 or visit
  • To download the Coast RTA APP and track its buses in real-time: visit here or for more routes and schedules, visit here.
  • Bicycles: Bike racks are available on each Coast RTA fixed route bus, accommodating two bikes per rack.
  • Please have your exact fare ready before boarding the bus. Bus drivers carry no money and cannot make change.
  • If you need to transfer to another bus please ask the driver when you pay your fare for a transfer ticket. You cannot obtain a transfer ticket when you exit the bus. You must catch the next available bus traveling the route to which you transferred. When you board the second bus, give your transfer to the driver.

Where You Can Rent A Bike

Beach Bike Shop:

Bodacious Bob’s Bike Rents & Tours

Myrtle Beach Bicycle Rentals & Tours

Pee Dee Bicycle:

Pedego Electric Bikes

Bike Lanes & Maps

The City of Myrtle Beach has created a Biking Mobile App which shows bicycle trails and walking paths in the city limits, in addition to, businesses that are considered friendly to bicyclists.
> Download the City of Myrtle Beach Bike App Here
> Map of Bike Lanes: Click Here

Bike Safety
Pay attention when riding your bike and:

  • Obey all traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings.
  • Do not ride against the direction of traffic.
  • Ride on the far right-hand side of the road.
  • Use lights and reflectors when riding at night.
  • Pay close attention to pedestrians.
  • Be aware of auto drivers’ rights to turn right on red light.

Рко-английкий — Russian and English Brochure (PDF)
Español-Inglés — Spanish and English Brochure (PDF)

The Myrtle Beach International Airport serves as the commercial airport for the Grand Strand. The airport is located on the south end of Myrtle Beach, approximately one mile from the Atlantic Ocean; it is accessible from U.S. 17 Business or Bypass

Other regional airports include:
CHS – Charleston International Airport
ILM – Wilmington International Airport
CLT – Charlotte/Douglas International Airport
ATL – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

In recent years, the Myrtle Beach airport has expanded their direct flights to 50 cities throughout the United States.  Click here for a complete list of direct flights and carriers.